Walter Hardy
My recent world-premier on the Price Is Right. (As it goes, I did not get called on stage, but over the span of at least two seconds, and that's a wopping 2,000 milliseconds in web technology time, the camera distinctivly paned over me to well over 4 million viewers!)

Web Technology Writer and Developer

Thank you for visiting! This is my new, more personable, yet much of a work-in-progress website. To speed things up, I took my old, corporate-branded website offline, thinking that the fear of no web presence would inspire me forth! It works! So please stay tuned as this site evolves and my new blog—writing on technology and personal life—takes form.

In the meantime, if you must seek out my credentials as a technology architect, writer and programmer, my last website with detailed information on assignments over the last decade or two, albeit slightly outdated, can be found here:

Professional Areas of Focus:

As a technology developer, writer and business owner, I am currently focusing on these efforts:

Database Architecture and Design
I have been working as chief Database Architect and back-end Developer with a technology start-up on a very elaborate database application for the last two years. This web application is cataloging a significant effort in our music history, currently with over 300,000 unique entries and growing to millions in the near future. I am developing with advanced components in Microsoft SQL Server, and also building back-end data management for my client using Adobe ColdFusion, Railo, and JQuery with Microsoft SQL Server integration. I also mange, host and performance tune this application on dedicated servers in Sunnyvale, CA.

Hosting Services
Having provided hosting services since 1998, today I continue to manage shared and dedicated systems for clients. I run dedicated hardware on a very high-speed network with advanced hardware-based firewalls. I also setup and manage Amazon virtual instances for clients when needed, and I use many of the technologies available on Amazon Web Services to compliment dedicated hardware hosting. I am partnered with (as customer) the prominent Plug and Play Technology Incubator in Sunnyvale, CA where my servers reside.

In addition to hosting websites, I provide e-mail hosting and server management for customers, providing dedicated corporate e-mail platforms based on the Merak Email Server by IceWarp. These services include collaboration, messaging and other features where my customers use both e-mail clients (such as Microsoft Outlook) and the IceWarp web-based interface. IceWarp is one of the most promident e-mail servers for corporate clients wishing to remain in full control of their e-mail and collaboration efforts.

Application Programming
I build expansive applications using Adobe ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery (and now jGrid) and other programming languages. Providing hosting services in addition, I can often customize and performance-tune applications to a greater extent than otherwise possible. Current clients include the National Park Service (Acadia National Park), Such A Voice, Concordia Eco Resorts and more.

Technology Writing
Having spent many years writing for Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), Cisco and other firms, I continue to offer technology writing services as needed. My focus has been on developing tutorials which require an extensive understanding of technology and the ability to build projects (often on alpha- or beta-code) and collaborate with development teams.

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